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Modern References in Literature:

Please note, many of the links to reviews on this page are dead and will be updated as soon as I have some free time.

Key: Click R for our review of the book, or A to visit for purchasing information.

  • Atheism: The Case Against God, George Smith (1975) [R] [A]
  • Atheism: A Philosophical Justification, Michael Martin (1990) [R] [A]
  • The Impossibility of God, Michael Martin editor (2003) [A]
  • The Non-Existence of God, Nicholas Everitt (2004) [R] [A]
  • The Miracle of Theism: Arguments for and Against the Existence of God, J. L. Mackie (1983) [A]
  • Logic and Theism : Arguments For and Against Beliefs in God, by Jordan Howard Sobel (2003) [A]
  • Nonbelief & Evil: Two Arguments for the Nonexistence of God, Theodore M. Drange (1998) [R] [A]
  • Arguing for Atheism: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, Robin Le Poidevin (1996) [A]
  • The Evidential Argument from Evil (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion), Daniel Howard-Snyder (1996) [A]
  • Atheism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions), Julian Baggini (2003) [A]
  • Has Science Found God? The Latest Results in the Search for Purpose in the Universe, Victor J. Stenger (2003) [A]
  • Critiques of God: Making the Case Against Belief in God, Peter A. Angeles (1997) [A]
  • There Are No Gods – A transcript of the short book “There Are No Gods”, by David Spitz.