Tuesday, July 16, 2024

sa.net Library


Welcome to the Library

Our extensive selection of reading material is broken up into these sections for your convenience.

  • Atheology—Our atheology library is the biggest collection of strong atheistic arguments available anywhere (that we know of), with detailed analysis of all the various arguments.
  • Counter-Apologetics—In this section we reply to and critique articles by noted theologians and theological organizations.
  • Against Theism and Skepticism—This section is dedicated to arguing against worldviews that oppose atheism, notably theism and skepticism.
  • Philosophy—These articles deal with technical philosophical issues not directly related to atheology.
  • Debates—A collection of debates relevant to strong atheism.
  • Humor—Have a look and have a laugh! These “arguments” and other various items show the absurdity of religion through the language of laughter.