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Atheism: The Case Against God

by Francois Tremblay

Book Cover

Author : George H. Smith
Prometheus Books, ISBN 0-87975-124-X

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In this popular introductory book to the topic of atheism, George Smith discusses extensively of noncognitivism, from page 29 to 91 (covering the entirety of chapter 2 and 3).

Chapter 2 (p29 to 46) discusses the fundamentality of definitions, the problems that theistic thinkers have had in defining “god”, and explains that both recourses to supernaturalism and unknowability fail to dispel the burden of proof.

Chapter 3 (p47 to 91) discusses the collapse of theism into agnosticism, explains the difference between positive and negative defining and how both apply to the concept “god”, why analogical thinking does not help in understanding the concept “god”, gives a number of criteria for intelligibility, and examines various accounts of God’s attributes and powers with these criteria, finding them all deficient.

It is not a surprise that A:TCAG has always been highly recommended as an introduction to atheism. Its simple, clear style and explanation of arguments creates a powerful case for the reader to examine. And its examination of noncognitivism from a constructivist perspective is ground-breaking.

“The theist must present an intelligible description of god. Until he does so, god makes no more sense than unie; both are cognitively empty, and any attempt at proof is logically absurd.” -George Smith, Atheism: The Case Against God

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