Thursday, June 20, 2024

Against Theology

and Skepticism


Against Theology

  • Why Presuppositionalism is WrongPresuppositionalism is a growing theological method to attempt to get rid of atheism and naturalism, but I demonstrate why its basic premises are false, and five ways in which it can be shown false.
  • The Impossibility of Divine InterventionThe irrationality and noncognitivism of the notion of miracles and divine intervention in general.
  • The Many Problems of the Fine-Tuning ArgumentArguments that science has “found religion” because the universe is peculiarly suited for life fall on their face due to a great number of false assumptions and premises.
  • Refuting Theistic Epistemic StandardsThree easy ways to squelch any attempt by a theist to use any non-rational method or standard (such as the Bible, divine revelation, etc).
  • The Risale-i Nur on NaturalismRefutation of anti-atheistic arguments in the Risale-i Nur, popular book of Islamic apologetics.
  • Cutting Off One’s Head: The Theological Attack Against CognitionWhy presuppositionalist arguments against cognition undercut their own basis. With an examination of Plantinga’s argument against naturalism.
  • Merry Christmas, Christians !Christmas is our holiday, not the Christians’. Christians have been stealing other religions’ holidays for millenias, and they’re still up to the same old tricks.

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  • The Ontological Argument
  • The Origins Of Jehovah
  • Prophecy Apologetics
  • The Tyre Prophecy
  • A Critique Of The Trilemma
  • A Critique Of Liberal Theism