Thursday, June 20, 2024



Meet The Authors

Francois Tremblay

Owner of, I have been studying philosophy informally for six years. I have always been a strong atheist, and have written the Handbook of Atheistic Apologetics. I also opened the Graveyard of the Gods ministry.

Contact: franc at strongatheism dot net

Craig Brooks

Craig Brooks is 23 years old and a writer for He has been an atheist for about 5 years and was an “agnostic” theist for quite a bit of time before becoming an explicit atheist. His interests include physics, cosmology, atheology, and recently philosophy. He has also been involved with the Atheist Network community for a 1+ years. Currently he lives in New York and will pursue a degree in physics when he returns to school in the fall.

Benjamin Al Zahn

A twenty-four year old from Toronto, Al Zahn has a degree in political science and is currently finishing his English masters. At seventeen he became a Muslim and was a devoted follower of the Islamic religion until the age of 21, when he deconverted to Secular Humanism. He is fluent in multiple languages, including Hebrew and Arabic. Currently works for the Toronto Star.