Tuesday, July 16, 2024




These articles will get you familiar with our position and mission. Don’t forget to check out the FAQ as well, to see if any questions you may have were previously answered.

  • A Preface and Introduction—Read this first, to start your ventures in strong atheism.
  • What is Strong Atheism?—A short introduction to the nature and lines of evidence of strong atheism.
  • The Definition of ‘God’ (Coming Soon)—The divine attributes we use as a framework for atheism. With Christian sources referenced as well. Our meta-criteria for the word ‘god’:
    1. Corresponds to what most people understand by ‘god.’
    2. Worthy of worship.
    1. Does not take an already-occupied linguistic/conceptual space.
  • Lexicon—For those terms that may be vague to the uninformed regarding atheism and strong-atheism issues.
  • Logical Fallacies (Coming Soon)—A list of logical fallacies relevant to the debates around theological and atheological arguments.
  • The Three Silver Bullets—Learn to deflect most theological arguments by detecting three simple fallacies.