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A Preface and Introduction

by Francois Tremblay

Hello there, and welcome to There are a number of points and clarifications that are necessary to note in this introduction, although it will not be extensive. The interested, perplexed, or enthusiasts are encouraged to join our forum to present questions or to engage in further discussion with authors and guests. Contact franc at strongatheism dot net for personal inquiries specifically toward the authors, as well as comments, critiques, or other interests.

This Site Supports Objective Reality

Many skeptics in modern day feel that there is no truth external of them that is, truth is what we make it. This is not a position held by The writers of this website uphold the necessity of an objective reality, existing autonomously of our whims, desires, preferences, etc.

This Site Supports Science And Logic

Many relativists or skeptics who presuppose the non-validity of scientific study or logical process find Strong-Atheism untenable, and they find themselves unsure why. This is perhaps the reason. argues and upholds science and logic as entirely valid means and tools for discovering objective facts about the nature of reality.

This Site Supports Objective Morality

One need not support objective morality in order to be a Strong Atheist. This is strictly a view held by the writers of this site. Moral relativism may be held harmoniously with a positive claim of god?s non-existence.

This Site Supports Sense Perception

The main authors of feel that sensory experience, like science that builds upon it, is also a valid means of discovering facts and the nature of reality.

This welcoming introduction has been included due to the general need of a reader to understand the arguments a writer is presenting from their correct context. Seeing where particular elements of philosophic thought have influenced an individual may go a long way in understanding the positions and arguments of that individual him/herself.

We encourage all visitors to check back with this site often and to join the message board community. is constantly and rapidly expanding due to the continual hard work of our authors here, and if you have any requests for ideas/articles to be written about on the site by us, or if you are interested in providing a formal critique of the arguments we provide, you may contact us at the above given e-mail address, and establish a correspondence.

Thank you,

Francois Tremblay owner
franc at strongatheism dot net

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